Demolition and Environmental Company

Industrial & Commercial

  • Chemical Plants

    Let us coompletely demolish and rejuvinate the land a plant producing chemicals for years.

  • Oil Refineries

    One of our many specialites include the remediation and removal of these refineries.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Special care is needed to demolishing the plants drug companies used to develop their product.

  • Steel Plants

    As the Steel plants have come to a close in the United States we have all the resources for removal.

The Titanium Group

Our goal at Titanium is to provide top quality service with the highest degree of integrity. Our main purpose is to meet the needs of our clients and exceed their highest expectations.

​Titanium focuses on power generation, oil and refineries, chemical plants, paper and pulp mills, food processing, pharmaceutical plants and steel and automotive industries. Our extensive experience includes all types of manufacturing facilities and factories, and other large structures, such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels, educational institutions and much more.

Titanium is also a licensed Asbestos and Environmental Remediation Conractor.

​At Titanium, safety is our number one priority. Our staff is trained in the latest regulatory, environmental developments and standards.​

lf necessary, Titanium can redesign your projects to assist allowing our clients to overcome obstacles in order to find cost-effective solutions to their problems.

Member of the NDA

We are a member of The National Demolition Association. The NDA is the voice of the Demolition Industry - representing more than 800 companies engaged in a wide range of demolition activities.

The NDA provides education, advocacy, and industry updates to our company while increasing our public awareness of the economic and societal benefits of demolition.

100 Years + Experience

Titanium Demolition has 100+ combined years of Commercial/Industrial demolition and environmental experience.

Our Services Include:

  • Demolition / Dismantling
  • Asset Recovery and Plant Closure
  • Remediation
  • Decommissions
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Disaster and Emergency
  • Environmental Services