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Here are some companies we have had the pleasure of working with:

Rochester, NY- Entire Plant Demolition

Bethlehem Steel
Buffalo, NY- Industrial Demolition

Verizon Wireless
Albany, NY- Bridge Demolition

Akxo Noble Chemical
New York City-Industrial Demolition

AES Energy
Corning, NY-Power Plant Demolition

JEA-Jacksonville Energy Authority
Jacksonville, FL-11 story Steel Structure Demolition

National Gas
Concordia, KS-Foundation Implosions

Reichold Chemical
Baltimore, MD-Industrial Demolition

Lubrizol Chemical
Cleveland, OH-Industrial Demolition

Bank One of America
Fort Worth, TX-36 Story Implosion

Little Rock, AK-Commercial Demolition

Rochester, NY/Greenville, NC- Industrial Demolition

Kahns/Sara Lee
Cincinatti, OH-Complete Plant Demolition

Air Liquide
Waynesboro, VA-Industrial Demolition

West Virginia University
Montgomery, WV-Commercial Demolition

Midland Steel
Cleveland, OH-Industrial Demolition

Union Carbide
Niagara Falls, NY-Industrial Demolition

Welch Foods
Brocton, NY-Plant Closure/Demolition

American Axel
Buffalo, NY-Industrial Demolition

Yankee Rowe Atomic Power Plant
Rowe, Mass-Complete Plant Demolition

Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI-Complete Plant Demolition

General Mills
Buffalo, NY-Commercial Demolition

Tonawanda, NY-Complete Factory Demolition

Bechtel Jacobs
Oak Ridge, Tenn-Radioactive Clean-up

Ocean Spray
Vero Beach, FL-Commercial Demolition

Penn Circle
Pittsburg, PA-20 story apt complex Implosion

Trenton, MI-Plant Demolition

Rochester, NY-Commercial Demolition